Are you a Hot Young Guy between the ages of 18 and around 30 that wants to have sex with an older, experienced women? A woman that will do ANYTHING you desire, and will fulfill ALL your sexual fantasies and wishes? Then I am that woman, and I am looking for you! I want your young cock in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass! I want your sweet CUM on my lips, in my mouth, and all over my body. I want to taste you! I need guys that can use me and take advantage of me sexually, whenever and however they want.

If you are truly interested in what I have to offer you, Please Read everything below!

As you may know, I have had my website up for many years. Now that I am getting older, I find 2 things happening. One, a lot of younger guys are interested in a good looking and sexually experienced "MILF" to have NSA (no strings attached) sex with; and two, I find myself more into very young guys than I have ever been before! A number of my current boyfriends/lovers are in their 20's, and what I look for, fantasize about, and want to fuck, are guys in that age group! I love young cock, I love to fuck it and suck it and taste the sweet CUM I slurp out of it.

I wanted to have fun with my recent "fetish", so I decided to start a new section for my website with me doing only hot young guys. Remember that this is a for a website, and pictures and video will be shot. You will have to provide proper identification for proof of age (as required by law), and you will have to sign a release. This is all a legal requirement for doing this kind of stuff, and I want you to know before we go much further. Okay, the dry part is over with now.

As I said, I'm looking for guys between 18 and around 30 to come out to my West Island studio (bus routes 201, 202, 215) and have some fun. There will be just me and you, my photographer and my videographer. No one else. You can bring along your own friends if you want, that's up to you. They can watch or take part. I do promote "safer-sex", so a condom will be used for any penetration, but you can CUM wherever you like. We will do only what you are comfortable doing, as my priority is your comfort and well being. We will talk beforehand to see what you are interested in doing and what your limitations may be. I will do as little as you want, or as much as you want, it really is "Anything-Goes". So if you have something you want to do or try, just tell me, and we'll make it happen.

I can do anything with you from just a well-lubed handjob, to a nice and wet blowjob, to full out hard-core extreme sex in any way imaginable. If you want to try anal and fuck me in the ass, we'll do it. If you want me to do your ass, we'll do that too. Whatever you want to do to me, or me to you, I will try and accommodate. I am looking for the sweet and mild, to the hard-core and nasty! I plan to do scenes that are just one-on-one, and scenes with threesomes, foursomes, and Gang-Bangs. So, if you and your friends (or your entire football team) ever wanted to Gang-Bang a MILF, I am your MILF! I want you to use me in every way possible. I also have a few pretty hot girlfriends that will take part now and then.

Most of the stuff will happen in my studio, but we will also be doing some fun "setups". Things like me picking up a guy at a bus stop and sucking his cock in the back of my van. Or picking up someone at a bar, and taking him home. If you have something in mind that would be fun to do for a scene, let me know and we'll set it up.

We can shoot on afternoons or evenings, whatever is good for you. They will take place either at my West Island studio in Pointe-Claire, which is a very fun and relaxing environment, or at a local hotel. You will be comfortable and no pressure is involved at all. We'll just enjoy each other. For the shy guys, you may wear a mask, but I want to point out that guys that don't wear masks will get a priority in all this. But even the "mask-wearers" will have lots of fun.

I'm also very open to having some fun with young women, and with young couples. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. Don't forget to tell your friends, as they can join us too!

Okay, after reading all of the above, you still want to get together and do this, please get back to me ASAP. Just fill out the form below, as completely as you can, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Add as much detail as you like, and get as sexually descriptive as you want. I want to know as much about you sexually as I can.

Pictures: To be considered for this, you must send at least one clear picture of yourself. Although it is not a full requirement, I would also like to see a full body nude picture of yourself as well as an erect cock picture.

Selection Priority:

I do want to mention that people within a 2 hour drive to Montreal will be given priority in responses. People that live far away shouldn't even bother filling out the form, unless they know they will be in the Montreal area. Let's not waste each other's time. Due to the response I have received thus far for this, I have had to set up a selection priority for this. I will be making my selections as follows:

1) People that live in the Montreal area, and are willing to show their faces
2) People that live within a 2 hour drive of Montreal, and are willing to show their faces
3) People that live in the Montreal area, but need to disguise their faces
4) People that live within a 2 hour drive of Montreal, but need to disguise their faces
5) People that live far away

If you live away from Montreal, but have plans to be here for another reason, please send me a separate e-mail on your dates and where you will be staying. Remember to fill in, submit, and the reference this form. I really don't want people coming all the way here just for this, I don't think that the travel is worth it. But, if you will be in town for a visit, let me know and we'll set something up.

The Rules:

There really are very few rules to all this. You can do anything you want to me or with me, and have me do anything you want, other than what is listed below. You do not have to ask my permission for anything, and you can just do what you like, I won't say no.

Below are the limitations to what you can do:

  • Condoms must be worn for all penetration
  • No internal cumshots or creampies
  • No abusive language (you can't call me slut, whore, bitch, etc.)
  • No physical abuse of any type (unless previously discussed)
  • No illegal acts
  • You must be clean and freshly showered, as I will be for you

A Quick Note on E-Mail:

I have been having a real problem sending to Hotmail and Yahoo e-mail accounts again. Only about half are being delivered, or so it seems. Since I don't get notified of a failed delivery, I have no idea who is actually receiving my responses. If you are able to use any other e-mail address, other then Hotmail (or Yahoo), please use that. Thank you.

General Information:  
Your First Name:  
Your Age:   (remember, you will be required to supply identification)
Your E-Mail Address:  
Where Do You Live:  
You Are A:  

Sexual Interests:

What are you willing to do or want to try: (select all that you are interested in)

- Hand Job - Blow Job - Straight Sex
- Anal Rimming - Anal Fingering (you to Carol) - Anal Fingering (Carol to you)
- Anal Fucking (you doing Carol) - Strap-on used on you - Facial Cumshot
- Cum Swap (snowball) - Threesome (MFM) - Double-Penetration
- Gang-Bang (Carol and 3 or more guys) - Outdoor/Public Sex
- Bukakke - Orgy/Group Sex  
Please note that what you selected above doesn't necessarily mean we will do it. I am just looking at what people are interested in doing or trying as it helps me pre-plan the shoots. The more I know about your likes, the easier it is for me to set things up. We will discuss what we will be doing before any shoot, and we will never do anything you are not comfortable with.

Extra Information:

Please use the space below to let me know any more information you would like to share. Do you need to hide your face? Is there something you would like to do or try that I am missing above? Do you have a special sexual request? Even if you feel what you want to do is bizarre, share it with me, I'll probably want to try it! You can also use this space for any questions you may have.

- Yes, I must hide my face



Please select all the days and times of day you would be available to shoot. Afternoons can be anywhere from 11:00AM to 5:00PM and Evenings are generally anytime between 6:00PM and 10:00PM. I will try and accommodate your schedule.

- Monday Afternoon - Monday Evening - Tuesday Afternoon
- Tuesday Evening - Wednesday Afternoon - Wednesday Evening
- Thursday Afternoon - Thursday Evening - Saturday Afternoon
- Sunday Afternoon    
Please note that larger events like Gang-Bangs or Group Sex Parties will be scheduled mainly on Saturday evenings, and will typically start around 8:00PM.

Picture Time!

You must send me one picture, but you may send up to 3 pictures. One picture must be a clear and clean image of your face and body. You can be fully clothed, as nudity isn't important. The other 2 images should be a full body picture and one of your erect cock. Just click the "Browse" button, and select an image from your PC to send me. These pictures will never be shared with anyone.

Picture 1: (face picture)  
Picture 2: (full body picture)  
Picture 3: (erect cock picture)  

- Yes, I will sign a model release and supply the required identification
- Yes, I have read "The Rules" as listed above and agree
- Yes, I can travel to your location in Montreal

Only submit once - may take a minute to process due to the picture upload


If you have any further questions about this, or need more information, you may e-mail me directly at and I will be happy to answer any and all

Would you like to meet in person first?

If you would like to meet me in person and talk about any of this, you can find me every Friday at a local bar. I hang out at Cheers Bar at 957 Boul. St-Jean in Pointe-Claire. That is in the West Island area of Montreal, and not far from the airport. I am there every Friday from 6:00PM to about 9:00PM, and I am very available. This is just a neighbourhood bar that we meet up with people in, and is not the least bit sexual in any way. This is the only place I will meet people, so please do not ask to meet anywhere else, for any reason. I have been stood up way to many times.

We sit on the left-hand side of the main bar that is right in front of you as you walk into the bar. Just look for me and don't be shy, come up and say hello.

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to read through all this and for filling out the form. I can't wait to get my hands on your sweet young cock, and to have as much fun with it as possible. This will be a lot of fun, for all of us, that I can guarantee.

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